Developer Advisory: WooCommerce 5.5 and WordPress 5.8

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WordPress 5.8, expected for July 20th, will include many new features which will serve as a first step towards full site editing (or FSE). In this post, we will detail some actions we have taken to make WooCommerce ready for that moment and some details on what we are planning ahead for.

Block-based Widget Editor

With WordPress 5.8, the widget screen and widget panel in the Customizer will be replaced with a block-based one. The list of WooCommerce blocks which will be available in the widget editor is the following:

  • Featured Product Block
  • Featured Category Block
  • Handpicked Products Block
  • Best Selling Products Block
  • Top Rated Products Block
  • Newest Products Block
  • On Sale Products Block
  • Products by Category Block
  • Products by Tag Block
  • Products by Attribute Block
  • Product Categories List Block
  • Reviews by Product
  • Reviews by Category
  • All Reviews
  • Product Search

Product Search, Product Categories List and Reviews by…

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